... 5. e-Flame USA Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove (Matte Black): If you are looking for a fashionable fireplace for your basement, workplace, and guest room, or maybe a garage, then this particular portable fireplace from e-Flame … This freestanding electric fireplace is equipped with push-button controls, varying ember bed and flame brightness settings and an adjustable temperature. Where is the fireplace supposed to go anyway? However, they were not as realistic as the real thing. You can heat up large rooms and hear the sounds of the fire, but the smoke won’t get trapped due to a chimney not being cleaned properly. PuraFlame has created a model with strong heat settings. You never have to worry about smoke filling up your home due to a poorly working fireplace or issues with gas. If you are looking for something small that operates like a portable space heater but has the design of a fireplace, then you may spend under $200 typically. You can simply hang them on a load-bearing wall to enhance the look of the room. The design resembles a traditional fireplace while still providing all of the safety from the flameless, electric variety. You can also adjust the flame as it has 3 different color options along with a realistic look. There are a number of styles that let you change the color of the flames as well as the heat intensity with a remote. How to choose the best electric fireplace You will have a year of the warranty period on this fireplace. There are a few other brands that have more competitive pricing for the settings and featured offered. The features that matter most to selecting a fireplace are construction, cost, and convenience. You will notice that some manufacturers advise installing a wall-mounted fireplace far below the TV to avoid interference and safety concerns. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service representatives are available to help. Whether you are looking for a marble encased fireplace or a traditional brick inlay, the new flameless fireplaces are very moldable to any type of grain, granite, or stone that you would like. The room size and heating strength will require a relative fireplace size. Typically, these units also have more features and ways to customize your fireplace as well. Some fireplaces come with logs and crystals that you can use interchangeably, but you can always choose your own fill for the fireplace if you want to achieve the right look. To add a decent fireplace in your living, you will not have to invest a lot of time or money anymore. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Real Flame Part #: 5950E on this page. For example, you can choose 740-Watts on a low setting or go up to 1100-watts for the higher setting. These are remarkable, portable, 3D flame electrical fireplaces that provide up to 5,200 BTUs and can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet.  This is a rather strong fireplace that you can place in any part of your home and feel the heat. The style of the fireplace is very slim and modern, so it should fit perfectly on any wall. However, they plug into a standard outlet just like you would a television set. You can choose between 750W and 1500W. With a regular fireplace, you have to deal with some of the pollutants that come from using real gas and wood. Media Console Electric Fireplace TV Stand in Walnut-SP5636. Now that you have read all of the options available, you might already be considering a couple of options. These units are available typically in a range of shapes and sizes, but the long, horizontal fireplaces hold the most appeal. It draws in cool air in the room and heats it up internally like a small HVAC system. Ivation also provides variable settings for temperature. It gives the look of a traditional fireplace, while not having any installation requirements other than that you plug it in. It all depends on your budget and what you are looking for. You can move a portable fireplace like this into any room, but most of them are made to complement a media center option. These are different than fireplaces that are apart of furniture designs, such as in a media center console or a dresser. Yodolla is a very underrated brand in the market as of now. As there are a lot of manufacturers that provide these fireplaces, you might get confused about which product you need to get. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. http://www.hearthandhome.com/magazine/2015-08-21/number_one_growing_fast.html, https://www.doityourself.com/stry/safety-concerns-for-an-electric-fireplace-heater, http://cozybythefire.com/electric-fireplace-ultimate-buying-guide/, Touchstone 80001 Onyx Electric Fireplace review 2020, 5 Ideas to Build Out a Media Center Around an Electric Fireplace, Buying Criteria For Electric Fireplace Mantels. Add a touch of style and sophistication to a room with this Bold Flame 38" Wall Electric Fireplace. Their number one product is the Frigidaire 50” wall hanging electric fireplace. It features multiple heat modes, remote control operation, and built-in lighting. How to Make an Electric Fireplace Look Built In? The first commercial representation was created by Dimplex and was called the Optiflame. There are a few designs that come with an electric fireplace inside of the media console. Here is such an electric fireplace from Homedex. Antarctic Star also provides a highly customizable option for an electric fireplace. However, there are a few features that you should look for when picking out a fireplace for yourself. Based on the average electricity rate in Canada of 17.4 cents per kWh, an electric fireplace will cost you an average of $0.13 and $0.26 per hour to run. There are faux fire logs and crystals included in the package that creates a realistic look as it operates at a 1500 watt power rating. R.W.Flame might not be the most popular brand name. The log flame effect is pretty lifelike, and you can change the heat functions within the settings menu.  There are also two heat settings with the heater, including 750W and 1500W. Modern fireplaces change all the time and get new upgrades. When you buy a Real Flame Beau Electric Fireplace online from Wayfair.ca, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. However, the effects may not look the same as a fireplace. Electric fireplaces serve as a heater that looks like a real fire burning gas or wood. There are a number of different ways to install a fireplace like this. There are also a number of discounts online that you can take advantage of. With any fireplace that you install in your home, you want to know what makes it cool so you can describe it to people when they come over. Here, we have another large electric fireplace from XtremepowerUS. You can also use the thermostat to ensure that you get the right temperature. You want to purchase one that is capable of operating just like a real fireplace in terms of heat, especially if you are installing it permanently in your living room. It can get completely cooled down within 3 to 5 minutes, making it a viable option for portable heating in various rooms. Real Flame makes a variety of different electric fireplaces. 10 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews By Consumer Guide In 2020. The electric fireplaces listed above take between 750W and 1500W of power. Also, the elegant design hides the power cable for an attractive look. It is made up of laminated particleboard and MDF with an espresso finish for a perfect wooden furniture look. Along with that, it also has auto heat kill that turns off the heating when not needed. Most people know Frigidaire for their appliances. In most cases, it’s true that an electric fireplace can easily warm up a space of 500 square feet in shorter amount of time than a real fireplace. Finding any real Magikflame electric fireplace reviews seems difficult, and there are surprisingly few results of people using it or assembling it on Youtube to watch. It was released in 1988 and then re-launched in 1995 with a more realistic flame effect. The Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace will cost you just shy of $600, which is a hefty price compared to some of the other options on the market. The newer fireplaces are great for supplemental heating, especially when they are smaller in size. Most furniture brands currently carry some type of. Hearth and Home reported that the number of sales in the UK has risen from 400,000 units to 600,000 units in the early 2000s. While the HomCom style isn’t as trendy as the wall-mounted fireplaces, it’s definitely made for convenience. You should always ask to speak to an associate and talk to them about placing the fireplace so that you understand the space and size required. Otherwise, you may purchase furniture with a fireplace that doesn’t require any sort of installation at all. If you purchase a high-quality fireplace, they typically come with realistic logs and crystals that you can place at the bottom of the fireplace. Reviewers say that the Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton electric fireplace is very simple to install, arrives well packaged and that it’s possible to install this model without help, or without any DIY experience. VonHaus is a great rival to Duraflame fireplaces. LED Flame Electric Fireplace Infrared Quartz Heater Freestanding Rolling Mantel 9.3 View Product ... 1,250 reviews scanned The 10 Best Infrared Heaters 3,381 reviews scanned There are some complaints that the fire effects are not as realistic sa others, and you can’t place any logs or crystals inside as it is a video display. These are smaller units that are designed for spaces no more than 150 square feet to heat. You can adjust the flame visuals for a high burn or slow immersion from the source. Classic Flame Felicity Electric Fireplace Design. You can alternatively have the flames on but the heat off or vice versa. It’s not cheap though. You can adjust the thermostat, timer, logs, and flames for any kind of ambience. infrared electric fireplace includes insert and media covers for when the fireplace is not in use, providing an alternative traditional look to the room. In addition, Ivation includes everything you need to mount the fireplace, including bracket and high-quality mounting hardware.  You can install below the mantle or TV with just a few simple steps. Thanks so much for a great article. But, it is surely worth checking out its electric fireplace. There are a number of different media options just like a full flameless fireplace, so you can turn the flames to blue or set the crackling sounds to low. Moda Flame has been around for about five years. It has 2 different power modes that are 750 watts and 1500 watts that suits almost all kinds of weather. I’m so glad they did that! The same is true if you have curious pets. You want a fireplace that is easy to install and has a menu to help you change settings, allowing you to control the flame effects just like you would if you were changing a channel. The amount of fireplaces that are electric being sold in the US has also gone up sharply since 2013. This is when Dimplex came in with its patent. You can typically heat a room that is 500 square feet in size. How do you know if it will look right in your room? Shipping and delivery costs are also included with Touchstone purchases from the website, as well as all of the gear that you need you to mount the fireplace on your wall. These can be moved but are not as portable as a truly mobile fireplace unit. The electric fire continued to gain momentum through the early 1900s. Touchstone is also a well-known brand with many positive user reviews. The fan-forced heater produces 4,600 BTUs of heat and can be used in rooms up to 400 sq ft. Some of the other brands are not so focused on creating the best looking flames, and so they may use older video displays, which are pixelated. These fireplaces are typically a little bit smaller. The latest models have 3D realistic flames, sound effects, and lots of different colors to set the ambience. Top fireplaces will have high-quality construction and good customer ratings. They don’t release any pollutants into the air. current product evaluations and comparative tests. It is a 26 inches electric fireplace that can be switched to either 750 watts or 1500 watts for power consumption. The glass has a front trim design to save you the trouble of cleaning ashes or dust. The traditional style oak electric fireplace is easy to install and sits flush against a wall. If you want to avoid screws and cutting open spaces in your wall, you can purchase a classic piece of furniture that also supports all of your media and devices. If you have children, then an electric fireplace is a smart idea because you know that there won’t be any flames or smoke to deal with. It consists of an entire furniture unit for a TV and consoles. You can find lots of tables that also have a fireplace option. The flameless fireplace is a genius invention because it can go anywhere and light up a space without causing extreme safety concerns. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace, Medium, White at Amazon.com. Flameless fireplaces use holograms and videos to display what looks like a flame, and although they are very realistic, you can hold your hand to it and never feel the heat like an actual flame. For example, Dimplex was the first company to patent the wood-burning effects that you now see in any electric flame fireplace or fireplace insert. HomCom creates free-standing electric flame fireplaces that look incredibly real. The top fireplaces are going to come from a really high quality brand. You should take a look at their highly-rated electric fireplace. This is a new feature that hasn’t been included with most of the models previously built to 2017. There are also ways that you can move this fireplace so you don’t have to think of it as a permanent living room fixture. Can Electric Fireplaces Be Used Outdoors? However, these are the more advanced models. Most of the time, you’ll find that the installation gear and guide are included with the fireplace. In newer interior decor styles, these modern fireplaces are replacing conventional fireplaces, especially when they can no longer be used for that purpose. You can choose the easy option and go with an electric flame insert. Here is a compact option from Puraflame. It allows you to stay comfortable while turning on the heat or changing the lights as needed. You can also adjust the brightness settings that vary from a dull glow all the way up to bright light, making it perfect for the night time. It has a built-in thermostat that can adjust the heating options between 750 and 1500 watts. Dimplex patented the first realistic flame effects to create a true “electric fireplace” in 1995. They make all types of fireplaces, including electric and gas models. It was used to light up the theatre stage without the change of fires catching on costumes and curtains. Top 10 Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews 2019. This really depends on the amount of features and design of the fireplace. They don’t emit soot or embers either. IT offers the same simplicity as a standalone, portable fireplace and log burning flame effects. They simply work just like a space heater. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for ClassicFlame - Electric Fireplace - Black. The design is very compact so you can place it in any room for instant heat. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Real Flame Part #: 8080E-DW on this page. PuraFlame makes all kinds of electric options for fireplaces. The newer flameless fireplaces are heating elements that look like real, wood-burning fireplaces.However, electric fireplaces work very differently.You don’t need any gas or chopped wood to heat up a room with the flameless fireplaces, and although it can be called a flameless fireplace, you can set it to simply display the flame and realistic sounds too. Also, there is an auto heat kill feature that adds up to the safety factor, which is necessary for an electric fireplace. You can simply plug in one of these flameless fireplaces and experience a built-in heater that produces up to 5,000 BTUs. However, there are some more powerful heaters that put out 6000+ BTUs and can heat up to 1,000 square feet. It requires a standard 120-volt power outlet, and it is capable of heating up to 400 square feet area easily. Yes! You can find traditional enclosures or wall-mounted, recessed fireplaces that look seamless when hung on your wall. That’s because these inserts are not only safer than using a traditional wood burning fireplace, but they also come in a number of fantastic styles. However, it doesn’t require a contractor and blueprints in order to install one safely. Typically, units can put out up to 5,000 BTUs and heat up a large space of about 500 square feet. However, if you think the costs are too high or you’re not sure about hanging one, these are some different options that may be more affordable and easier to place in your home. You can simply turn on the flameless fireplace. It has a year of the warranty period from DONYER POWER. As it has a high electrical current as well as a hot surface, you must be careful with it in case you have children or pet animals in your home. The top brands will use an LED display for the flame effects. Hence, a single person can easily install it on the wall mounts. Electric fireplaces are certainly a conversation starter because of their unique design and ability to heat without any kind of flame. Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace provides you with multiple installation options. An electric flame was invented to light up the stage and save theatre productions from costly and deadly fires that had plagued the stage for years. You have two options usually that vary from high and low. This allows you to close off the fireplace and still get the heat with the insert. You can typically use these portable styles for seasonal aesthetic in different rooms. It is a 50 inches fireplace that is suitable for the whole year as it can be used without heat as well. This means that you can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the LED light display. This is because real fireplaces often take time to build a flame whereas electric versions just start to heat up as soon as its turned on. There is also a timer that lets you schedule when to heat up and turn off. In addition, there are parts of the fireplace that can get very hot to the touch, such as the vents where heat is emitted. This is in part due to the lower cost as more brands have entered the market, as well as the globalization of the product in areas like the UK, Japan, and Australia. Remote control operation is key for the wall-mounted fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are more sustainable because they use LED technology and electricity to provide the heat of a real fireplace. Many include different trims that give you a seamless integration. The overall setup is very easy because of the mounting brackets that take only 2 screws to fit. The flame technology on this insert is patented, and it will be tough to come across an electric fireplace insert that works the same. http://cozybythefire.com/felicity-wall-mounted-infrared-quartz-electric-fireplace-review/ If there is an overheating due to certain improper operation, the automatic overheat protection will turn off the operation to prevent any harm. You can simply place inside of a defunct fireplace to achieve the look of a real flame. Media consoles with electric fireplaces are also quite trendy. They have a standard 2” x 4” framing that can be extended in depth to accommodate the heating element. Touchstone recommends framing the wall first to the size of the electric fireplace and then running receptacles on the inside to remove part of the wall for installation. Therefore, make sure to read the buying guide completely before going ahead. Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace Inserts of 2020 – Reviews Anyone who has an unused fireplace they want to use again may want to consider getting an electric fireplace insert to place within it. Electric fireplaces have grown in popularity over the past few years. Electrical fireplaces are much more affordable and look elegant in any room of your house. Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Reviews 1. Their flameless fireplace has been ranked highly from critics and customers as well.  Touchstone has a wall-mounted fireplace that has a lot of different settings and a timer. You should read the specifications and tbe BTU output before purchasing depending on the space that you are looking to heat. There are a few options that provide highly customizable LEDs that will definitely suit all situations. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service representatives are available to help. Generally, it should cover more than 300 square feet area for better results. Fireplaces that are part media console are hybrid units that are extra functional. It also has a countdown timer that can be set to turn off the fireplace anytime between 1 hour to 8 hours. 9 Best Electric Fireplaces Reviews 1. Required fields are marked *, The 5 Best Electric Fireplace Stoves Reviews and…, The 5 Best Gas Fireplace Stoves Reviews and Buying Guide, The 6 Best Fireplace Remote Control Reviews and Buying Guide, The 7 Best Fireplace Grates Reviews and Buying Guide, The 7 Best Wood Stove Fans Reviews and Buying Guide, The 7 Best Infrared Heaters Of 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide. There are 3 switches on the fireplace. In addition, the new fireplaces are much greener and more sustainable than a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Some standalone fireplaces are portable and easy to transport from room to room. If you are looking for something that is portable and can be moved from room to room, then you may have limited options when it comes to the design of the heater. Testing electric fireplaces means looking at how the fireplace was built and whether it’s a good fit for your home. You don’t have to worry about chopping wood to make these fireplaces work either. Just like other modern fireplaces, this one plugs into a 110-volt electrical outlet. Portable fireplaces can safely heat up to 500 square feet of space at a time. The first of its kind was an invention in 1912 that was used for theatre productions. Best of all, they do not require a special permit, and you can typically have one installed in a few simple steps. However, the remote control is probably the top accessory for one of these fireplaces. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate an electric fireplace as a standalone piece or as a permanent style fixture in your living room. 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