We can supply and install 1 metre/2 metre/3 metre x 300mm x 300mm coir logs. All Biomac Waterlogs are manufactured from 100% coir fibre and bound by coir netting to give a totally biodegradable material lasting between 4 to 10 years. The logs are typically 10 or 20 feet long. Coconut coir logs are natural erosion control fiber rolls often used in environmentally sensitive areas. They are a biodegradable, have no plastic or artificial components and are an eco friendly solution for your erosion and sediment control needs. Coir Logs & Mesh are manufactured in India from coconut husk and fibre. Sediment trapped by the Coir logs as well as the inherent property of the coir fiber to absorb and retain moisture provides an ideal medium for vegetation establishment and growth. 56-60 Woodlands Dr, Geo logs are typically manufactured in diameters of 200, 300 or 500mm, and lengths of 1.2 to 3m. Construction or restoration sites in medium- and high-flow areas can be vulnerable to water and other natural elements. Coir logs measure 3 metres long x 300 mm wide, and provide protection until the natural vegetation … SILT RETENTION Aussie Environmental Coir Logs have pre-drilled holes for easy stake installation. Download Brochure. Coir Logs; Curlex Bloc; Filtrexx Compost Logs; Wattles; Wood Fiber Log; Other; Sediment Logs. Curlex Bloc. Erosion sediment control is a necessity for any project, job site, or work location where soil or natural vegetation has been disturbed, moved, or cleared. This product is already in quote request list. Biomac Waterlogs are designed to provide natural stabilisation of riverbanks and other shoreline applications. Coir Logs provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long term stabilisation. DFW Coir Log and Wattle Installation Toll Free Call 877-479-7774 Services Provided Wattles In construction and erosion control, wattles are a lightly-packed, biodegrade logs made of natural fiber and filter sediment as water passes through. The Erosion Control Products erosion control coir log is a natural fiber product designed to provide soil stabilization and support along river banks, slopes, steams, hillsides, and other erosion prone areas. Sediment Filtration, Peat Hag Stabilisation, Water Control, Across exposed bare peat can be reduced by breaking the area of bare peat or micro-erosion into smaller cells using coir logs. Wattles. Sizes . © SureGro TreeMax Australia 2020 All Rights Reserved |. Erosion Sediment Control Products Coir Logs, Dewatering Products, and Silt Fencing. These products are used extensively for Erosion and Sediment Control. This makes coir logs ideal for installation on stream-banks and slope vegetations. Answer: Similar to other coir erosion control materials, the Coir Logs offered by GEI Works are a 100% natural product designed to biodegrade over a designated period of time. Coconut Coir Logs are a biodegradable erosion control product for hills, banks, shorelines, and other erosio n prone areas. When municipalities need to protect natural resources and wildlife habitats, finding a solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective is imperative. Constructed completely of bio-degradable materials, coir logs provide unique advantages as a sediment control product. Coir Logs are used for river banks, streams and road-sides to slow water runoff and capture sediments. Get a Quote. These products are used heavily in bushfire recovery to minimise the amount of ash and runoff from entering health water ways. Our Health and Safety Policy and Environment Policy are available on request. The general lifespan of a coir log can be anywhere from two to five years. Home » Erosion and Sediment Control » BioCoir – Coir Log. For example, coir rolls are useful for erosion control in open gullies and grips by slowing water velocity and capturing sediments. Over time the coconut coir will provide a natural habitat for animals and plants. Coir Logs are utilized in a variety applications including stream bank restoration and bio-engineering. Coconut coir logs have been effectively used in restoration projects, stabilization areas, and construction job sites. Aussie Environmental Pre-drilled Coir Logs are lightweight and easy to install – ideal for constructing check structures, sediment control, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising banks & shorelines. Comes in 300m diameter x 3m lengths. Made from organic coir fibre, a heavy densely pack coconut fibre, they are 100% natural and biodegradable. As these products are made from natural fibres and plants they present a reduced risk to contaminating environmentally sensitive sites. CoirLogs can be placed in swail drains, around grates, on steep slopes to collect silt, and used to slow water velocity, reducing erosion. Coir logs are available in 12", 16" and 20" diameters. Friday: 8:00AM–4:00PM. As a result of their strength, they are also often used on the banks of streams and rivers to produce a natural wall of protection for plants and soil. Coir Logs are wrapped in a Coir netting, the rolls have high tensile strength offering excellent protection from sediement movement and heavy water flows. Got a question? Coir Logs Coir logs are similar to … Coir Logs and Wattles Read More » They incorporate biological, ecological and engineering aspects of erosion control into their design, producing a structure, that when … Coir Logs & Mesh Sure Gro Tree Max stocks a variety of different coir logs and mesh. RIVER BANK PROTECTION On the other hand, we have coir wattles that are comparatively lightly packed. Related Case Studies. Other . Our Sediment Control Coir Logs are the most innovative and cost effective solution to sediment control. CoirLogs can be used in river channels, streams and creeks to help stabilise bank toes and provide structure to benching techniques. Coir logs are available in varying densities, diameters and lengths to … Coir Log Features. Address Related Products. Coir logs are the final sediment control method we offer. Coir Logs. Erosion Control. CoirLogs can be stacked one on top of another to form a wall structure while vegetation establishes for long term stabilisation. Coir logs are made entirely of natural elements. Sure Gro Tree Max stocks a variety of different coir logs and mesh. Coir logs erosion control life spans will naturally vary depending on site conditions. Maximum allowable stream velocity is around 1.5m/s. Braeside VIC 3195, Hours If you have questions about fiber rolls for erosion control, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote. Log In / Register. The dense coir fibre CoirLog rolls dissipate wave energy, protect against water scour, and retain the bank while plants develop. Coir Logs provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long-term stabilisation. Coir Mats are more flexible than matting made from bristle coir fiber. Coir Matting is an open weave matting that is applied over the top of soil to promote growth of new plants, maintain soil stabilisation and prevent erosion or land degradation. Erosion Control EcoLog coir logs are made from 100% natural coconut fibre compacted into an outer mesh of bristle coir twine. Ideal for assisting in establishing revegetation projects and creating wetland ecosystems these products are water permeable and water absorbent. Coir Logs are ideal for multiple erosion and protection applications. Coir fibre has a two to three year life which allows for full plant and soil establishment, … They are light-weight, easy to place, use and install. Although similar to coir logs or rolls, wattles are comparatively lightly packed. Home; About Us; Careers; Contact us; 1300 885 364 Welcome to our online store! Benefits: Erosion Control; Sediment Logs ; Sediment Logs. This construction design helps filter out sediment and makes them the ideal green product for sediment control. Coir logs are also commonly used in the landscaping sector to form garden bed retention areas and prevent soil and sediment from entering stormwater drains. This product complies with council and environmental sediment control management plans (ESCMP). Life expectancy is approximately 24 months. Filtrexx Compost Logs. View the Coir Log Informational Page.. The logs primarily consist of coir fibre bound tightly with coir mesh. terrafix® Coir Mats and Coir Logs are made of pure coconut husk fiber-100% natural, organic, biodegradable and safe to wildlife. CoirLog. Tree Shelters, Tree Mats, Coir Logs & Erosion Control Matting in Maryland Biodegradable products in Washington DC - Eco Friendly Landscaping, Mid Atlantic Website Design & Hosting by 270net Technologies, Inc. More products online soon! Products > Erosion & Sediment Control > Coir Mats and Logs. These products are ideal for slowing water run-off and sediment in a variety settings. 12″ Standard Coir Log EC Coir Logs are excellent Best Management Practice (BMP) devices for the minimization of accelerated erosion and the resulting sedimentation. Unlike other means of erosion control, such as laying sheets of plastic over a hillside, coir logs don’t risk chemicals seepage that could damage the ecosystem and its microorganisms. Contact Us. ABOUT US Employment + Careers Locations. Gallery. CoirLogs are biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-rolls. Coir Wattles . Specifications & Downlaods. Got a question? Because coir logs are eco-friendly and biodegradable, they are the perfect, cost-effective coir erosion control BMP for environmentally-sensitive areas that need to protect wildlife habitats and natural resources. The EC Coir log is made from coir fiber and bound by coir twine that has a high tensile strength … Coir Logs are a natural solution for sediment and erosion control and shoreline stabilizing requirements. Coir logs are an ecofriendly, biodegradable choice for Sediment Control and slope stabilization. The logs are primarily manufactured from coir (coconut fibre), but may also incorporate jute. Coir Logs are wrapped in a Coir netting, the rolls have high tensile strength offering excellent protection from sediement movement and heavy water flows. Coconut coir rolls are 100% natural and completely biodegradable. Where to Place a Coir Log. Erosion control products designed to control, minimise or prevent water erosion in civil and construction applications, retaining walls, waterways, coastal areas, river banks, parks and more. As a result of their strength, they are also often used on the banks of streams and rivers to produce a natural wall of protection for plants and soil. Coir Mats and Logs . We carry a variety of erosion control coir fiber logs for all your needs. EPA field studies have shown that coir fiber not only removes sediment, but also phosphorus and heavy metals from runoff water. Coir fibres are 100% natural and biodegrade in the landscape and ecosystem over time. The excellent filtering ability and the superior durability of coir fibers compared to other natural fibers, makes BioD-Watl™ coir wattles superior sediment control device than straw wattles and wood fiber logs. This is available in either 700 or 900 GSM thickness depending on your projects specifications and needs. About. Peatland Restoration Project - Wemmergill & Cotherstone Moors, Coir Roll Supplier and Installation Contractor, Supply and Installation of Coir Geo-Textiles. Shop erosion control wattles & logs and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. Search. For example, coir rolls are useful for erosion control in open gullies and grips by slowing water velocity and capturing sediments. Aussie Environmental Coir Logs protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and sediment movement. Visit today to order. They are used in a variety of areas, and are cost-effective and easy-to-install. Coir Logs Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) Silt Sock is a sediment-trapping system that utilizes filter layer materials added with or similar to a pneumatic blower tool. Our team have installed countless square kilometres of coir products over the years. Wood Fiber Log. They assist with slope, drain and run-off protection. Sediment control is highly critical for preventing excess degraded silt from entering and effecting rivers and streams. Coir Logs provide erosion and wave control structures in riparian zones, and sediment capture in drainage lines and swails. Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales. Coir Log is a roll of coir, organic coconut fibre enclosed in a robust coir mesh. BioCoir Coir Logs are manufactured from 100% biodegradable material. Call Jaybro today for more information. A relatively new and natural product, Coir Logs can also function as a soil amendment. Consequently general water quality is improved through the ability to control erosion and counteract non-point source pollution. They are extremely robust, yet they are flexible and will curve around peat hags and existing vegetation, so they are easy to work with. This product is ideal for assisting with revegetation of surfaces and slopes as well as warmth retention. Content is subject to typographical errors, please report any problems or comments to our webmaster. Coir logs can last anywhere from two to five years. This contact form is deactivated because you refused to accept Google reCaptcha service which is necessary to validate any messages sent by the form. BioCoir - Coir Logs. Shop here for our selection of coir logs. These products are used extensively for Erosion and Sediment Control. They also have a multitude of uses. Coir matting is a natural product that is made from coconut husk, making it 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Easy to place, use, and install, these coir fiber logs create a natural control area that helps establish growth and control erosion. Hay bales tend to break up easily, have a short life span, are difficult to handle, and are usually contaminated with weed seed.Sure Gro Tree Max stocks a variety of erosion and sediment control products which are designed to provide initial or long lasting soil protection and weed suppression when required, while promoting the vegetation establishment process. Find erosion control wattles & logs at Lowe's today. The erosion control coir log is easy to use, install, and maintain in areas like hills, riverbanks, shorelines and other areas susceptible to erosion. Flowing Water Areas: Coir fiber rolls can be placed directly on the bank, often retaining fill material or securing new channel alignment. During installation, native seedlings or plant cuttings can be planted into the Coir log. This construction design helps them filter out sediments and makes them the ideal green product for … Coir Log East Coast Erosion offers a wide variety of sediment control rolls, which are sediment barriers designed to intercept sheet flow runoff and sediment particles from disturbed areas. Soil erosion control affects many different municipal departments. Mon—Thur: 8:00AM–4:30PM The process of establishing ground cover (vegetation) on erodible soils is one in which requires taking into several factors including soil type, prescribed vegetation and water flow across the surface. My Cart ; Hardware & Tools . Coir logs are biodegradable, and because they are 100% organic, they naturally blend into their surroundings. terrafix® Coir Mats and Logs PDF Brochure. Both the upstream and downstream ends of the coir log(s) need to transition smoothly into a stable streambank to reduce the potential for washout. Maximum allowable wave height should not exceed the top of the log or log stack. They are also used to protect steep gullies and embankments from scouring due to surface water runoff.
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