This means that your cat would need to consume approximately 230 to 270 calories per a day. A Little Home Cooking Can Be Helpful. Dwarf cats have tend to have skeletal problems, including shorter legs. One simple method to get Kitty to eat is to heat up her food just a little. Water down the food to help your kitten's young digestive system process her first solid meals. There are a variety of parasites that can cause slow growth in kittens. If your kitten develops diarrhea, a parasite may be the culprit. Run your fingers along your cat’s ribs. Most wet cat foods have around 80 calories/100 grams of cat food, so this food provides around 50% more calories per 100 grams. A very small kitten is a concern, because good weight gain is an indicator of good health. It causes mild to moderate diarrhea in cats. Be very careful if your cat has one of these, because you can catch it from them, and they can be very serious in humans. A slow growing kitten does not necessarily mean that the kitten is unwell, but it does usually mean that something is not quite right. Dwarfism is a very rare condition in cats, but it does occur. If the cause of malnutrition is a lack of food, it is advisable to supply the cat with food and water as soon as possible. Stirring in a spoonful of canned kitten food is another way to boost calories, while making his traditional food softer and more smelly. Try Baby Food If your cat is older, is missing teeth or has a hard time chewing, add some baby food to his diet, suggests Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, a California-based veterinarian. Thanks Add calories: Include a little grated cheddar or parmesan cheese or plain yoghurt to the top of the cat’s food. This is discussed further in our article on Feline Coronavirus, which is well worth a read. If your cat is eating sufficient food, and not gaining weight, then this will help you narrow down the potential causes of the lack of growth, Weigh your cat or kitten at least once a week, and record their weight so you can track it. Can I Give Pedialyte to My Kitten Who Is Dehydrated? Keep an eye on your cat or kitten and note how much they actually eat. 5. Cats are very driven by smell, so the better the food smells, the more likely they are to eat it.  The downside with this food is that it only has 300mg/kg of taurine. Switch to wet food: Canned cat food is more appealing than dry. Get the kitten to the vet to be checked out and treated. Stress might be one of the reasons why your kitten is not gaining any weight. Mix a little bit of the new food in with your cat's old food, and increase the amount over about 2 weeks until you have completed the switch. It's our first real cat so I have lots to learn, of course. It is designed to be super-delicious and is packed with calories BUT it is not a complete food. This kitten food from IAMS* contains a decent 41% animal protein for great taste and aroma. Weaning is a sensitive time in a kitten's life and should be handled with care; provide supplemental feeding and ensure that the kitten is maintaining a healthy weight and body condition. Contact your veterinarian for a milk replacement, such as Kitten Milk Replacer. Usually, people who want to know how to make a cat gain weight have a cat that falls into one of these categories: One: a kitten, under the age of one, who is growing very slowly and not gaining much weight at all, Two: a cat or kitten who suddenly loses weight quickly, often as a result of an illness or after surgery, Three: an older cat who has lost weight over time. If she is expending too much energy keeping herself warm, she could stop gaining weight and her health may decline. 5. Next, choose a high quality, calorie dense cat food, such as Hills AD, and increase how often you feed your cat. Also, note that cooked bones are not good for your cat. Shape The World. If the kitten is not gaining weight, or is losing weight, this is a … To coax an older cat to eat, first address these problems and then start feeding a high calorie cat food for weight gain. The adjusting period is characterized by minimal eating. If your cat is healthy but underweight, have your vet recommend an ideal target weight for your cat. Cats are natural hunters and predators. Your veterinarian can provide a replacement and a specific feeding schedule. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He may recommend a high-calorie replacement gel. If he is eating and not gaining weight, then you know that there is another cause. A healthy kitten should gain a minimum of 10 grams per day. The solution to this is quite simple: you simply have to make sure that the cat or kitten gets enough food. Weight loss in a pet can be accounted for by a large number of factors, namely; injury, parasites and illnesses. Average five week old kitten weight: 550-650 grams. A cat’s digestion is more sensitive than a human’s, and unable to cope with a varied diet—these lead to stomach upset and even further weight loss. As a short to medium term food this would be ok, but if you are going to use it longer term, we would suggest supplementing it with taurineÂ, Read our wet cat food reviews and dry cat food reviews for more ideas.
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