The Ghazi torpedo misses S21 narrowly, but it is hit by an S21 torpedo and disintegrates in water. It portrays PNS Ghazi on a mission to destroy INS Vikrant encountering an indian submarine - S 21, and consequent events leading to Ghazi’s destruction. The entry can be found here. Earlier [51] The Government of India, however, rejected these offers and allowed the submarine to sink further into the mud off the fairway buoy of Visakhapatnam. "[43], "Ghazi (film)" redirects here. Items recovered were the back-up tapes of the radar computers, war logs, broken windshield, top secret files, as well as one of the bodies of a Petty Officer Mechanical Engineer (POME) who had a wheel spanner tightly grasped in his fist. Arjun is later saved alive from the flooded compartment. Directed by Sankalp Reddy. Bottom: The modified ex-USS Diablo in service with Pakistan as PNS Ghazi.) [32], From 3 May to 1 June 1954, she was attached to the Operational Development Force at Key West for tests of new weapons and equipment. South Asia’s first submarine, PNS Ghazi was Pakistan’s only submarine with a capacity to travel over 11000 nautical miles to reach Bay of Bengal and undertake operations on India’s eastern coast. [62] One of the retired navy officer who saw the action in 1971 said that the destruction of the Ghazi papers and those of the army in Kolkata depicts the many instances when Indian war history has been deliberately falsified. [22][23] Karan Johar distributed the Hindi version. Niazi was decorated with the Sitara-e-Jurat and chief petty officers were decorated with the Tamgha-i-Jurat. [3] According to Pakistan Navy's investigation, there were two probable reasons connecting to this mishappening: Another theory from foreign experts, also favoured by Pakistan, is that the explosive shock waves from one of the depth charges set off the torpedoes and mines (some of which may have been armed for laying) stored aboard the submarine. Pakistan Navy’s submarine PNS Ghazi sailed out of Karachi harbour at 2200 hours on the night of November 14, 1971 with a crew of 92 officers and men. :58[38], With Ayub administration improving relations with the Eisenhower administration in 1960, Ghazi was finally procured under the Security Assistance Program (SAP) authorized by the Kennedy administration on a four-year lease with an option of renewing or purchasing the submarine afterwards in 1963. In what is coming as a major revelation, it has been informed that the remains of PNS Ghazi, the first fast-attack submarine of Pakistan Navy, discovered in the waters of Visakhapatnam, might soon be turned into a tourist attraction in the city. Meanwhile, Arjun, who by now is in charge of the mission, regroups and work towards reviving S21. The crew notices that the ship is incapable of moving in any direction, except up or down. Holiest Warrior) by the Pakistan Navy in 1964.:136[36], On 5 August 1965 war broke out between India and Pakistan as a result of a covert infiltration in Indian Kashmir. [40] Many senior commanders had felt that the deployment of Ghazi was highly dangerous and impossible to achieve by sending the obsolete submarine behind enemy lines but deployment came when it became apparent that war was inevitable. The Indian and and Pakistan quote different reasons for sinking of PNS Ghazi. [31] Cinematography is done by Madhi, music composed by K ,Visual Effects Supervisor Vasudeva R Enugala and editing by Sreeker Prasad. Pervez Hameed.[76]. [51], In 2003, Indian Navy divers recovered few items from the submarine and brought up six bodies of Pakistani servicemen when they blasted their way into the submarine. [52], The Naval Intelligence conducted its own investigations and its military oversights stated that Ghazi sank, when the mines it was laying, were accidentally detonated. "Naval museums give glimpse of maritime history",, "Ghazi sank due to internal explosion: Ex-Navy Chief", "The Hunt for Red September: A Tale of Two Submarines", "Their Name Liveth for Ever More « PakDef Military Consortium",, "Untold Stories of PNS Ghazi & PNS Hangor – Video Dailymotion", "Lt.Cdr. Leased out to Pakistan, it had been renamed ‘Ghazi’ or ‘holy warrior’. [16] In 1964, she joined the Pakistan Navy and saw military action in the Indo-Pakistani theatres in the 1965 and, later in the 1971 wars. [70] An increase in the sub's total complement would put a strain on the logistical capabilities of a patrol because it reduces its duration. Commander Santosh Devraj (Atul Kulkarni) to conduct a drill and target Ghazi while doing so. India's deceptive measures had come to fruition. They miss their target narrowly and in the process alert Ghazi of their presence. [58][59][60][61] Vice admiral G. M. Hiranandani, who was tasked with writing the official history of the navy, said that he was unable to obtain any old files regarding Ghazi sinking. "[57], In 2010, it was reported that the Indian Navy had destroyed all records of the sinking Ghazi submarine. Gordon Graham Matheson of the US Navy (USN) - Allied Warship Commanders of WWII -", "Rana Daggubati on India's first Navy film 'Ghazi' and changes in the film industry", "Is Alia Bhatt's Raazi an unofficial prequel to Rana Daggubati's The Ghazi Attack? [39] Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave the film a rating of 2.5 out of 5 saying that, "The Ghazi Attack delivers many a riveting moment and is bolstered by the talent of a few capable actors. "[52] Commodore Roy also concluded that " that time, how the Ghazi was sunk remained unclear as it does today. PNS Ghazi (S-130), formerly USS Diablo (SS-479), was a WWII submarine of the US Navy and later the Pakistani navy. But depending on the situation and requirement it may or may not be followed. Seawater rushed in, drowning the crew as the submarine crashed to the seabed. :108[3][16][6] Chief of Naval Staff Admiral S.M. Ghazi, produced simultaneously in Hindi as The Ghazi Attack, is a 2017 Indian Telugu-language war film written and directed by Sankalp Reddy. [34], From 15 January 1946 to 27 April 1949, Diablo was based in the Panama Canal Zone participating in fleet exercises and rendering services to surface units in the Caribbean Sea. [23][24][25][26][27], In 2010 the Indian Navy destroyed and suppressed their own investigations into this matter. [3] According to submarine war logs three distinct explosions were heard at about the time when the torpedoes should have impacted but Brahmaputra was not sunk, neither had it been hit since the warship did not release depth charges nor had it detected the homing signal. [35], In 1962 her hull classification symbol was changed to AGSS-479. [3], Another problem faced by PNS Ghazi was the poor conditions of maintenance facilities at Chittagong port in East Pakistan.[44]. [35] With the ceasefire, her destination was changed to Guam where she arrived on 22 August 1945. That is almost hilarious, except it lead to all hands lost. [24], Some independent writers and investigators maintained Ghazi was sunk mysteriously not by two depth charges alone, Ghazi may have sunk either by the hydrogen explosion produced when the batteries were charging, or by the detonation of a mine, or either by the sea floor impact while trying to avoid the depth charge released by INS Rajput. The chequered history of PNS Ghazi contains enough drama for a movie. [70] In 1975, the Navy acquired the Albacora-class submarine from the Portuguese Navy and named it Ghazi (S-134), in memory of PNS Ghazi. PNS Ghazi (previously USS Diablo (SS-479) PNS Ghazi was sunk here in December 3, 1971, PNS Ghazi (SS 479) was a United States-built submarine that was leased by Pakistan in 1963. "[40] Bollywood Hungama gave the film a rating of 3.5 out of 5 saying that the movie "is a gripping war drama that leaves a stunning impact. The top command dispatches S21, a submarine, under the command of Capt. [1] On the last day of the month, she got underway for Pearl Harbor and the East Coast arriving at New York City on 11 October, except for a visit to Charleston, South Carolina in October where she remained at New York until 8 January 1946. :134–135[36] The submarine's assigned and issued insignia patch identified the caricature image of the devil running with a torpedo in the sea. [55], In 2003, the Indian Navy again sent its divers to overlook its investigation and the divers recovered some items including the war logs, officials backup tapes from her computers, and mission files that were displaced in Eastern Naval Command of Indian Navy, but the divers who studied the wreckage confirmed that the submarine must have suffered an internal explosion which blew up its mines and torpedoes. Great Britain: Frank Cass Publishers. On 26 November 1971, Ghazi was expected to communicate with the Navy NHQ to submit its mission report but did not communicate with its base. [17], The film is an underwater story of the valour of Indian Navy aboard the Indian Submarine INS Karanj which destroyed the Pakistani PNS Ghazi when it ventured into Indian waters to destroy INS Vikrant on the shore of Visakhapatnam. [36], The Ghazi Attack (Hindi) grossed ₹34.53 crore (US$4.8 million) overall, including ₹28 crore (US$3.9 million) in India and $975,000 overseas. The Ghazi Attack, released in Hindi and Telugu, tells the tale of an undersea battle in 1971, which resulted in the sinking of the submarine PNS Ghazi. [32] On 27 May 1960, she entered Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for an overhaul which continued until October 1960. "[41] Divya Pal of News18 criticized the screenplay and direction of the film and gave the film a rating of 1.5 out of 5 saying that, "All in all, "The Ghazi Attack" is utterly disappointing. [27], In 1972, Ghazi and her serving officers as well as crew members were honoured with gallantry awards by the Government of Pakistan. Pakistan never accepted the theory from Indian Navy but provided its alternative insights into this disaster based on the investigations on the Mark 14 torpedoes and other vintage military equipment installed in Ghazi. [12], Diablo arrived at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, her new home port, on 5 June 1949, and participated in Operation Convex in 1951, and alternated training cruises with duty at the Sonar School at Key West. On the night of December 3-4, 1971, an explosion tore through the PNS Ghazi , blowing open its bow, crumpling the hull and cracking open the water-tight compartments. [27] Another sailor had in his pocket a letter written in Urdu to his fiancée. On December 6, three days after the sinking of the PNS Ghazi , INS Vikrant launched its first airstrike. [3] Over the decades, the military oversights were kept hidden and were not known to the public until 1990s when the Navy made an announcement over the completion of its insights into this incident. ... Rumours that some members of the crew had survived and taken prisoners of war prolonged their agony. [52] Credibility is added to this story by the later discovery made by Indian Coast Guard divers in 2003, that the damaged parts of the submarine had been blown inside out. [27] All six servicemen were given military honorary burial by the Indian Navy. In 2006, Pakistan, citing their evidences, rejected India's claim of sinking Ghazi and termed the claims as "false and utterly absurd". [27], In 2010, Lieutenant-General J. F. R. Jacob of Eastern Command mentioned in an article that "Ghazi was destroyed in an accident in which Indian Navy was not involved. [7][28][29][30] Nonetheless, Indian historians consider the sinking of Ghazi to be a notable event; as they have described the sinking as one of the "last unsolved greatest mysteries of the 1971 war. In 2016, PNS Hameed was commissioned where Ghazi was honoured and is a namesake of her first officer, Lt-Cdr. Razak Khan (Rahul Singh). How does one oneself be destroyed in a a 'flash of glory'? PNS/M Ghazi (S–130)[14] (previously USS Diablo (SS-479); reporting name: Ghazi), SJ, was a Tench-class diesel-electric and the first fast-attack submarine in the Pakistan Navy, leased from the United States in 1963. Singh believes that they should track down Ghazi and attack, while Arjun obstructs. [6], Refitting and mid-life upgrading of her military computers reportedly cost ~$1.5 million ($11.1 million in 2015–16). [3] Before 1971 there were several proposals made to the Ayub administration to strengthen the naval defence of East Pakistan, but none were made feasible and the Navy was in no position to mount a defence against approaching Indian naval advances. The blow-up was there, but nobody knew what it was all about until the fisherman found the life jacket". PNS Ghazi was the ex-USS Diablo U.S. Navy attack submarine for the Pakistani Navy - she was lost on December 4th, 1971 with all hands aboard. ", "The Ghazi Attack trailer: First underwater war film of India, with Rana Dagg, Om Puri", "The Ghazi Attack trailer: Rana Daggubati film is a rousing tale of a secret India-Pak war, watch video", "The Ghazi Attack: An Indo-Pak War So Deep Underwater That It Never Surfaced In History", "Taapsee Pannu taking History lessons for 'Ghazi, "The truth behind the Navy's 'sinking' of Ghazi", "The Ghazi Attack: Why did India destroy records of one of its greatest naval victories – InUth", "Visakhapatnam: Sunk Pakistani submarine Ghazi is an enigma", "From a small outpost to a major command", "65th National Film Awards LIVE: Sridevi Posthumously Awarded Best Actress; Vinod Khanna Honoured With Dada Saheb Phalke Award", "Rana to act in India's first submarine film", "Taapsee to play refugee in Ghazi opposite Rana Daggubati", "Interview with K – "Aandavan Kattalai is an exciting prospect for me, "I play a Bangladeshi refugee in Ghazi, says Taapsee Pannu", "Ghazi turns Satyadev into a sonar operator", "Ghazi – Story of unwritten heroes of our country", "Rana Daggubati's diving expeditions for 1971 war drama, 'Ghazi, "Rana shoots for Ghazi, based on sinking of Pak submarine in 1971", "The Ghazi Attack: A few facts that you should know about one of India's greatest naval victories", "The Ghazi Attack movie review: India's first underwater film drowns under its weight", "Review: The Ghazi Attack: A Must Watch Film", "The Ghazi Attack Movie Review: Rana Daggubati's Film Is Devoid Of Mystery", "The Ghazi Attack Movie Review: Poor Script, Flawed Direction Dilutes The Impact", "National Awards 2018: Ghazi gets best movie, Baahubali 2 wins 3 honors", "Nominations for the 65th Jio Filmfare Awards (South) 2018", "SIIMA Awards 2018 - Telugu, Kannada nomination list out: Date, place of 7th edition revealed", "SIIMA Awards 2018 Telugu Kannada winners list live updates: Baahubali 2 and Rajakumara turn best movies [Photos]", National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu,, Films based on Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts, Best Telugu Feature Film National Film Award winners, Indian avant-garde and experimental films, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Capt SN Ahmed as Lieutenant Taan Singh, torpedo operator of the S21, Niteesh Pandey as N.Tiwari, steering controller of the S21, Malyaban Lahiri as Ranjan Sengupta, Junior Officer of the S21, Akshay Mittal as Sublieutenant – Indian Naval Navigation Officer S21, This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 14:13.
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