It is made with soya and wheat proteins, alongside sunflower oil, olive oil, … HOLTEN, Netherlands – Vivera, a plant-based protein production company based in Europe, announced its latest creation, the Veggie Quarter Pounder. The Moving Mountains® Burger. Dairy free/lactose free/vegan/kosher/plant based. Vivera® Plant Burger Craving a Quarter Pounder? 2. UPC Code - 042272-00282-5. Feed the Goodness Revolution with our delicious Plant... #vivera. Craving a Quarter Pounder? * of 100% fresh beef that’s hot, deliciously juicy and cooked when you order. #vegan. Food & Beverage . Americans have loved McDonald’s Quarter Pounder ever since a franchisee introduced the iconic burger to the country in 1972. Ingredients It reads: “In the 1980s, A&W tried to compete with McDonald’s Quarter Pounder by selling a third-pound burger at a lower cost. Plant-based company Vivera, have launched their new meat-free quarter pounder, with the product available in Sainsbury’s stores around the UK from the 6 th October. Its fresh Veggie Quarter Pounder launched into Sainsbury’s on 6 October (rsp: £3.50/226g). Vivera has launched what it claims is the “best vegan alternative” to an Aberdeen Angus burger currently available. Amy’s satisfying Quarter Pound Veggie Burger combines hearty organic bulgur wheat and vegetables with soybeans and the perfect hint of barbecue sauce. Vegan Plant Based Dairy free Kosher DE Key. *This item will be shipped frozen and will defrost in transit. Each Quarter Pounder® with Cheese burger features a ¼ lb. Home veggie quarter pounder veggie quarter pounder. The product failed, because most customer thought 1/4 pound was bigger.” #burger. The A&W Third Pounder was released in the 1980s to compete with McDonald’s quarter pounder, but the public’s inability to understand fractions led to its untimely failure. Plant-based meat producer Vivera has announced it will be introducing its Veggie Quarter Pounder into selected Sainsbury’s stores. Moving Mountains . Famed for their vegan steak, which released earlier in the year, the burger is the ‘highest quality vegan hamburger currently available’. #grill. Vivera. It’s seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper, sizzled on a flat iron grill, then topped with slivered onions, tangy pickles and two slices of melty American cheese on a sesame seed bun. Delve into a guilt-free trip of indulgence with one … You will receive it as a chilled item, and cannot re-freeze it. It will have a maximum of 9 days shelf life when stored in the fridge and the Use By date will be clearly marked. So I see this image on r/facepalm today. Sainsbury’s to Stock Vivera Hamburger . Feed the Goodness Revolution with Vivera's delicious Plant Burgers. Vivera® Plant Burger. Reviews (0) 2. #b12. Vivera, producers of a 100% plant-based steak, have announced that their newest product will be stocked in Sainsbury’s stores from tomorrow. The 100% plant-based hamburger has been created by Vivera and is the latest addition to the Dutch-based manufacturer’s wide range of plant-based meat options. October 8, 2018.
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